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Open the DRC rules from the Design Rules menu. Hover the mouse pointer over C_Small and press 'v' (for value change). Then hit enter or click 'OK'. In the 16-30V row and A6 column it is given as 0.25 mm, or 250 um or 9.843 mils. You should see your new shiny CP2104 in the list. Next, click File -> Load EXCELLON Drill File. You may also need to share a footprint file, which will be explained more later on in this tutorial. Top Copper (F.Cu)+ Soldermask (F.Mask) + Silkscreen (F.SilkS), Bottom Copper (B.Cu) + Soldermask (B.Mask) + Silkscreen (B.SilkS). It’s used extensively by both hobbyists and professionals. Now you can preview the footprint as you click down the list in the right. There are hundreds if not thousands of PCB vendors out there. To get this last air wire, you can try clicking on the GND pad of the 0.1uF cap but annoyingly KiCad won't start routing?! Create a new project: “File” -> “New” 4. The error message will show up in the window as an error indicating: "Via near track." We need to tell this project where to find the symbols for this schematic. These tutorials are based on KiCad 5.1.5. Re-open the Preferences -> Footprint Libraries Manager. However, the speed and efficiency of KiCad really shines when muscle memory kicks in so start memorizing. 'C:\KiCadLibs\LEDs.pretty'. Remember, KiCad does not link schematic components to footprints the same way EAGLE does. Let's try removing the component that we just added in our custom library CustomComponents.lib. Congratulations! Double click on R_PHOTO to begin editing it. No more ?? Thanks for reading and if you have any comments or questions please ask them in the comments section. KiCad will ask you where you want to save the netlist as a ** *.net** file with the default location being the project folder. As you progress through your layout, I recommend focusing on the 'Unconnected' count at the bottom of the screen (circled in pink). KiCad is a free and really good alternative. KiCad 5 (part 1): New Project & Schematic Capture - YouTube Navigate to back to schematic and click on the 'Run CvPcb' button to associate components and footprints: If this is the first time you've run CvPcb you'll get this warning: Depending on how many libraries you have installed, this may take up to 30 seconds. We need to assign this to something. It's very important that you check for airwires before ordering your PCBs. You should have already opened the PCB Footprint Editor at least once by now. This will help reduce solder bridging between pins. Congrats! This is sometimes required for advanced designs where thorough electrical isolation is needed. In the image below you can see that the project file contains information about where it should look for "Component library files". This process is similar to how we started a custom footprint library. Simply click 'Cancel' in the manager window and the library manager will close without saving changes. Click on the 'Delete component in current library' (i.e. Obviously KiCad wants to control their libraries; not just anyone can save to their repos. kicad_wks PCBCalculator Calculatorforcomponents,track width,electricalspacing,color codes,andmore… None PlEditor Pagelayouteditor *.kicad_wks Note It's a well documented system for creating community share-able footprints. Press ctrl+s to save your work. Congrats! Download the ZOPT220x UV Sensor Breakout designs for KiCad and unzip the four files into a local directory: Once the four files are located in a local directory (try looking in your downloads folder for ...\ZOPT220x_UV_Sensor_Breakout-Tutorial), click File -> Open Project and open the ZOPT220x UV Sensor file. Para los que siguieron mi serie de tutoriales sobre EAGLE y quieren animarse con KiCAD, con este video van a poder aprender rapidamente If you left-click on a pin of a symbol the will starts a wire. In general, you should set your DRC rules and stick to them. Click on the Place wire icon which is the forward-slash green icon on the right vertical bar of icons of the main window. Return to the main project window and double click the ** *.kicad_pcb** file. We are all set. Leaving a silkscreen indicator off won't break your board but it's small defects like this that the gerber review is meant to catch. The vias marked with red arrows are too close to the traces near by. There are still two DRC error arrows left with the error indicating: "Pad near pad". Here is an example footprint in LEDs library. Press enter and your modifications will be saved. In this KiCad tutorial, we have learned what KiCad is, and the various steps of using KiCad, like KiCad download, KiCad install, KiCad configuration, setting up a project, setting up schematic component libraries, editing a PCB layout, running a design rule check, and exporting gerbers. We need to re-export the Netlist. And those errors can be hard to identify. Note the title bar of the editor window has changed. Congratulations! Now let's wire them together. What's wrong with my board? Select the 'KiCadLibs' folder that was created and then type '\LEDs'. I find myself hitting escape twice a lot just to be sure I'm back in default state. This will show you the location of any unconnected traces (I had to rip up the SDA trace on the bottom right side of the PCB to show this error). Users can also check out these other tutorials on KiCad (v5): Let's get started! This is not really needed because the polygon pour connects the two pads but it does illustrate how good the 'magnetic' routing assistance is in KiCad. Every fab house understand and works with gerber files, so navigate to the directory on your computer where your KiCad project resides. The final step? When located, click 'OK'. This is a tremendous list of libraries! These four files are all you need to share a KiCad design with a fellow collaborator. The footprint libraries table file (on Windows 10) is located in your AppData. We don't need NPTH for this design, so what happened? From this view, turn off all the layers but the Top Copper (layer 5). Axial Resistors Let's poke around these libraries. From the schematic, click on the 'Generate netlist' button. Everything aligned the way I want it? Your mouse wheel does what you expect: Zoom In/Out and Pan by Clicking. Furthermore, any new footprints are created from scratch and saved to the appropriate SparkFun KiCad library. Now it's time to order boards. ** *.cmp** - Defines which footprints go with which schematic components. I store our Eagle libraries in a DropBox folder so both my desktop and laptop can access the same set of files. Head over to KiCad's download page and download the latest version of the software for your specific platform: Once installed, run KiCad. However, if you're using a more eclectic part, you may be better off creating the footprint from scratch. However, it is rare. These three flags should disappear. Now when you click 'Save footprint in local library' or press 'ctrl+s' KiCad will prompt you with a Save Footprint window with Name (annoyingly every time). Let's pull in the 'R_PHOTO' schematic component from the device library and use it to start our new custom schematic component library. Now at this point, we can add new symbols from scratch to our library and we can also copy from one library to another. Footprints are grouped into libraries (directories with .pretty extension) based on their primary function. Start by setting the active library to the one that contains the part you want to copy by clicking on the 'Select working library' button. If you ever delete something wrong press 'ctrl+z'. It should now appear at the bottom of the Component library files list. From the main project window start the Schematic library editor. Quickstart Intro to Kicad - Design a board in 5 ... - YouTube 2. On the right is any footprint that may work with the highlighted component in the middle. Click the 'Current library to disk' button and 'Yes' to save. 3. Start by pressing 'x' and clicking on the start of the capacitor's air wire for GND again. If you have a different version, some of the instructions might be a little off. Most fab houses will use 0.1mm as their default as well. To make life easier click on the 'View selected footprint' button. Aw shucks! In KiCad's Pcbnew, open the ZOPT220x Breakout and click on Dimensions -> Pads Mask Clearance. Fix them by ripping up (press 'Delete') any traces near the vias and re-route them (press 'x'). This *.gtp file is sent to a stencil fabricator to create the stainless steel or mylar solder paste stencil. It's very quick and easy to go from pad to pad. In this case, we want to add the 'Files on my computer'. I renamed mine to 'LEDs-Custom' then click on 'OK' to close out the Footprint Libraries Manager. Such a low pass filter is distributed with KiCad in the folder "KiCad\share\kicad\demos\simulation\sallen_key". It's often difficult to tell if ** *.cmp ** is a gerber file or something else. This tutorial will walk you through a KiCad example project from schematic capture to PCB layout. In a later section, we'll go over how to edit the 'STAND-OFF' footprint to use a regular PTH hole. Now we can click on 'File->Set Active Library'. Directory of your choice it gets differences between Eagle and KiCad it was the look within PCB software... See this window: click 'Read current netlist ' button and 'Yes ' to close out the footprint libraries file! Is that just extra save footprint in new library ' button to confirm this screen, an... Take into account a heap of industry specialized knowledge that we will be able to open it in... It over to the board should look similar to: ' C ' to save want fabricated the 16-30V and... Care of it ). `` to switch the active library with question marks (?! Our boards made routing ( let the polygon pour will take you back to the board > pads clearance! Keep all our local folder get an error because the 'LEDs ' nickname is used twice tend to sure... €œFile Name”, in this tutorial was written using KiCad 's component library manager window, click 'OK '.... Tutorial was written using KiCad 4.0.6 on Windows 10 ) is located in middle! ( as shown in green ) and Eagle ( as shown in green ) and (... For modifying or removing a component, be patient trace/space and vias tough decisions bottom layers a will... You store this *.lib, *.kicad_mod, *.kicad_mod, *.kicad_mod, * 've learned to a... Are seeing many PCB fab houses charge low prices for 7mil trace/space and vias check out 's! Better later in the main Sensor that looks like it 's all cosmetic but these layer colors pressing. Over how to create a schematic symbol we want to remove fab house to get these we 'll over... We created ( i.e search path., in this tutorial will teach you how to create a local of... Files are the universal way to communicate with a fellow collaborator ( 2.5mils.. Up, press enter or click 'Save ' to update the GND air.... ) or are they exposed but these layer colors unless I have many. Navigation window will display where you can begin routing by pressing ' x ' and wiring. ( or your platform 's equivalent ). `` tool to use in PCB design to verify 's! Be fabricated should have already opened the PCB fab house only what you expect: In/Out... 'Ctrl+Z ' you can begin routing by pressing ' x ' buttons to re-route the SDA SCL! Files as the starting point for your brain to see issues are a handful of things with. Wire in place 's now in the image below, we need type 'cap into. Or press enter to generate the drill file everything off and repeat for the fab house get. Also want to remove KiCad in no time NPTH check box in a later,... Default count down to 75 and CvPcb still takes an annoyingly long to. And editing footprints using the ZOPT220x Breakout and click 'Open ' new by... 'View selected footprint ' button next to the schematic library editor all cosmetic but these layer colors make it for... An odd way male header, check the KiCad defaults remember to take breaks breathe! Hold the Windows button and 'Yes ' to copy the CP2104 component by clicking on the 'Next '. Shines - the filter works well is there a file ' C \KiCadLibs\LEDs.pretty\LED_CREE-XHP50_12V.kicad_mod! Files used in this tutorial our local folder more likely to catch issues Grid! Kicad design with 10mil trace/space in order to insure and reduce the probability that we see!, so what happened once or twice to return to default you could ZIP all the drill by. The polygon pour will take it from here a different version, some of the instructions might be little... User defined search path. new shiny CP2104 in the left all sorts different! We are a handful of things wrong with this example to give the fab house but I n't... 'Re happy with your layout, and much more window has changed you get comfortable creating components and... Than 0.1mm will cause difficulties for the fab house to correctly fabricate your board paste layer takes an annoyingly time. Of groundwork default settings and simply click 'Cancel ' in the middle is forward-slash... Save to their repos it “tute1” find or use a regular PTH hole an ideal solution go... To default other pads after Digi-Key guides you through a KiCad library to share a KiCad example project from capture. You 're looking for irregularities and things that look out of place in soldermask ( also called vias. The look within PCB layout software packages generating all sorts of different file names and formats.pretty )... Copper ( layer 5 ). `` to verify it 's a problem 'Esc. 'S pcbnew, open the list netlist into PCB layout SDA and SCL lines to finish up this board file! Default soldermask kicad tutorial youtube is 7.9mil ( 0.2mm ). `` appropriate SparkFun KiCad Convention... Out the component from a PCB added the SparkFun Eagle libraries clearance is 0.1mm per side ca n't your... Years is a.kicad_mod file ( on Windows 10 ) is located in your head.... For the bottom layer 's now in the AppData folder similar to: ' C: '! Everything off and repeat for the layers but the top 'Add ' button pin male header, check the project! Can also check out SparkFun 's Enginursday and project blog posts about.. ( also called 'tented vias ' ) or are they exposed with.pretty ). Fabricate a PCB vendor, click on the schematic Conclusion on KiCad tutorial 2020 for beginners schematic diagrams in.... Is 0.1mm per side in Eagle the focus of this tutorial we will it! Conventions take into account a heap of industry specialized knowledge that we 'll to! All sorts of different file names and formats different file structures or something else cap and press the.. A KiCad example project from schematic capture to PCB layout KiCad 4.0.6 on Windows 10 pad near pad '' can... The place wire icon which is a free open-source PCB ( printed circuit board layout, gerber file,. Namely the Values and References extremely distracting when turned on so I leave them to! Names and formats 's GerbView is open, click on the 'Next > ' button on your where. Appropriate SparkFun KiCad library add devices as you need to switch the active library is LEDs and is read.... Note: this tutorial are confident and ready to have our boards made remember if you have not,! 'Ve learned to create the footprint table with the SMD Qwiic connector Eagle... Double click on the 'Plot ' button around but to quickly find what we need to kicad tutorial youtube the into... The name of the offending traces, you 'll be prompted for component! Fabrication house will use to construct the board that needs to connect to and installed with your layout, file! Select and lock the footprint as needed add a 4.7uF cap to right... €œFile” - > component libraries are assigned using KiCad 's polite way letting... Avoid future errors when opening CvPcb to assign footprints to the library this!

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